How to use Trade Value Charts

Trading in fantasy football can be a near-impossible task. Owners will tend to overvalue their own players making valuing the fairness of a trade hard to do. A Couch Coach Trade Value Chart gives you a third party idea of what the values of a player are in order to help you make a fair trade.

I’ll give you an example of how our trade value can help you reach an agreement with your league mates.

Lets say you are in a 1QB, PPR, redraft league and want to upgrade your Aaron Rodgers for Patrick Mahomes.

The difference between Mahomes and Rodgers is 35 so we need to see what players are around that value.

So somewhere around these player ranges is what you would need to add to Rodgers to make the trade worth it to the Mahomes owner.

Note: This does not guarantee that an opposing owner will want to accept a “fair” trade. People have guys they believe in and guys that they don’t believe in. Also, sometimes trades wont benefit an opposing owners starting lineup, making it less likely that they’ll want to accept.