Ed’s Takes – Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are finding themselves in quite the conundrum after this Sunday’s 38 – 20 win over the Cardinals. After losing quarterback Cam Newton to a foot injury, Kyle Allen took the reins and lead the Panthers to their first win of the season. Allen completed 73% of his passes for 261 yards and 4 touchdowns during his second NFL start, in which the offense looked much better than it did during the first two weeks of the season with Cam starting. This has to make the Carolina front office start to wonder how to go from here on out.

Cam has not been the same player since their legendary 2015 Super Bowl run. Since then, he has been riddled with shoulder injuries making it legitimately hard for him to complete a pass more than 20 yards from the scrimmage line. He’s no longer the same smiling, taunting, Super Cam from before and the team’s performance has reflected that.

My take is that Cam will “re-aggravate” whichever one of his many injuries during this season and retire, leaving Kyle Allen with the job. Not only that, but the Panthers will know that they won’t be competing this season so in order to preserve their most important player, they will shutdown RB Christian McCaffrey at a later stage of the season.

If my take is right, the Dolphins and Jets will also be battling the Panthers in this years Tank Wars.