Antonio Brown Cut by Patriots – AB’s plan didn’t work out

Antonio Brown’s wild summer ride keeps on going. This all started week 12 of the 2018 NFL season, when Big Ben threw a regularly scheduled interception against the Broncos in the redzone. Ben blamed Antonio for the pick and even claimed that young wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster was more reliable.

After this, Antonio Brown had one goal, win the Super Bowl without the Steelers. It was during this time that Brown knew he needed to join the New England Patriots. This plan was not going to be easy for Antonio as there was zero chance the Steelers would trade him to a direct rival in New England. This caused AB to be traded to the rebuilding Oakland Raiders after refusing to board the plane to Buffalo to join Josh Allen, but this did not stop his plan.

At Oakland, Antonio went on a rampage in order to get cut. Before camp, he froze his feet by not wearing shoes during cryotherapy. Then, he showed up to his first practice an hour late via hot air balloon. He then refuses to practice until the NFL lets him play with a helmet from the early 2000’s. After all this, Antonio is surprised that the gullible Raiders still want to keep him, so he does what any man that wants to get fired does, threatens his boss. Antonio Brown confronted Raiders GM Mike Mayock, called him a cracker, and told him he’d punch him in the face and punted a football saying, “Fine me for that.” (They did)

After this incident, the Raiders finally felt embarrassed enough to cut star wide receiver Antonio Brown, voiding his contract and never paying him a dime. Antonio was ecstatic that his plan was finally about to come true. Very shortly after his release, AB signed with the Pats, but it was too late. In searching for a way to get cut by the Raiders, Antonio went too wild. His publicity was off the charts and it felt like every day brought new Antonio Brown news. This allowed him to realize his new dream of become a Patriot, but also left him incredibly vulnerable. Once Brown was charged with a case, the bomb began to tick.

During his time as a Patriot (11 days), Antonio showed how great of a football player he still is, quickly adapting to a complex Patriots offense and showing strong signs of chemistry with Tom Brady. Unfortunately for him, the Patriots are a very strict and tidy crew that hates unnecessary attention.

Earlier today, coach Bill Belichick stormed out of his press conference after being bombarded with questions about AB. Minutes later, Antonio Brown was cut.

The good news for AB is that he’s going to be the topic of a great trivia question down the line.